Indonesia Pancen Houye

Indonesia Pancen Houye and assertiveness, spirit digelorakan China's leaders are affecting the layer underneath. Indonesia, potentially the same (in fact), regardless of the state bureaucracy and leadership. And also throw away our national culture that readers already understand.
Optimism still have! there, let the arrival of the condition is caught, is like a thousand wolves hunters besieged the gap edge Indonesia Pancen Houye.

Their contributions (ethnic) quite a lot and very meaningful to Indonesia, but even then not enough to influence the culture of good culture, which meet the work ethic, discipline, decisiveness law and other ideals.

Chinese State between the years 1940-1990 is the most widely cooperate with other countries, especially in the fields of science. What then science is used to independence negaranya. Padahal when viewed China including the poor countries but now with science, has been transformed into Advanced Industrial countries.
What underlies the progress of the Chinese? Mental! which, if traced back to the problems connected cultures.

Listening to some wise words from Chinese philosophy:
"It does not matter what color or black and white cat. Which clearly he should be able to catch mice." (This relates to the progress of Industrial Technology in China)
If described can be obtained from various penafisiran wise words above, but simply just to say does not matter whether the brand name Nokia, Siemens, LG and so on, but certainly both have the latest technology and more sophisticated.
Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping (1904-1997), "Provide 100 coffins, 99 for the corruptor and the one for me, if I am corrupt."

There are trivial things that can be developed alone, no need to wait for government policies. With work in private, to build good habits and consistent, it is hoped and believed to affect around.Indonesia is also quite a lot of achievements incised eyes of the world, both in terms of science, sports, arts and so forth. And that is enough to build a spirit of creativity and confidence as a nation. After all Indonesia Pancen Houye, conscious as human beings who are born as a nation called Indonesia. Who else is praised and build this house if not residents who were raised and were born in it Indonesia Pancen Houye.