Jennifer Bachdim, Bawa Krupuk Sampai ke Jerman!

Seiring dengan suksesnya Irfan Bachdim membawa Indonesia ke final AFF Suzuki 2010, sosok Jennifer Jasmin Kurniawan pun ikut terangkat. Orang mulai bertanya-tanya siapa sebenarnya perempuan yang lebih dikenal dengan nama Jennifer Bachdim ini.

Setelah hanya berbincang-bincang lewat online, akhirnya diberi kesempatan untuk bertemu langsung dengan Jennifer. Di sela-sela jadwalnya yang cukup padat dengan interview media selama kunjungannya di Indonesia, dengan ramah Jennifer langsung menyambut kedatangan di Photo Lounge, Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara V no. 244, Jakarta Barat, Rabu (05/01) sekitar pukul 6 sore.

Hi, Jen. How are you? It's not the first time you come to Indonesia, right?

Yes, it's the sixth time

You gonna stay in Indonesia for 3 weeks, aren't you?

Yes, and I'm gonna leave Indonesia on Jan, 11

When you stay in Indonesia, what's your plan?

This week I have a few appointments, after that I'm gonna go to Malang.

Is this the first time you go to Malang?

No, this is the second

So do you like Malang? Do you like the weather?

Yes. And the traffict is much better than Jakarta, hahahahahahaha

So, when you heard the word 'Indonesia' what's on your mind?

First of all, the people. They are always happy and smiling

Can you tell us, what have you been through to become a model?

Because I like to change my self with make up and pose in front of camera

What do you miss mostly from Indo?

I think, people and the food, and my family here

Do you have something from Indonesia, that you bring with you to Germany?

Yes, something to eat, krupuk, hahahahahaha, my daddy likes it

Oke, now we're talk about man. When you see a man, what's the first thing that you see?

The eyes


I dont know, I look the face and I see the eyes

So, can I ask you about Irfan?

Nope :) (Tampaknya Jennifer masih tetap ingin menyimpan kehidupan pribadinya dengan Irfan menjadi sesuatu yang spesial untuknya)

What's the part of your body that you like most? Why?

My eyes. I just like it hahahahaha (Yeah, her eyes are beautiful, it's so expressive)

What do you think about FPI?

I'm gonna respect it and I dont wanna talk about it

But you're not afraid about FPI?

Not anymore

Artists, musicians, actors, or any famous people in Indonesia that you know?

No one

What do you think about popularity? Is it because of luck or effort?

Popularity, I think we should to work hard and get famous then. So its effort and some luck

What's your favorite place to spend holidays?


Another country? German?

No, I havent spend holidays in Germany

What is love for you?

Being together, having a great time

You and Irfan are committed to have a long distance relationship. It's not easy, right? How do you and Irfan manage your relationship?

With Skype, mobile calling

Is it enough?

Yes, It's oke

You said that you love Indonesia. What's the best thing that you love most from Indonesia?

I like the food, people, and the country

What's your favorite indonesian food?

Bakso hahahahaha...

Can you cook?

Yes! My parents teach me

What do you like to cook?

Indonesian food I like to cook, Bakmi Goreng, and spaetzle, it's something like noodle

What do you think about white lies?

First of all, I think lie is not good

Describe yourself in 3 words

I think I am happy, quite


Yes, I'm not that loud :)

And sexy?

Maybe :p

After you and Irfan become more famous here, your sexy pictures appeared on some internet forum in Indonesia. What do you think?

Yeah, I dont like it. Because they copied my pictures and dont ask before for the permission. But now, I cant do anything because they are already copied.

After being a model, do you want to continue your career as an actress, starring movies, maybe?

Yeah, maybe. I dont know the future. But first of all, I wanna become a model

Since you are now in Indonesia, do you have any plan to start your career here, so you can see Irfan more often?

Yes, sure

What's you favorite gadget?


Is there anything that you can't live without?

I think it's my mobile

What's the best moment in your life?

I think when I get my bachelor, its about 2 years ago

Tinggal jauh dari Indonesia, tidak membuat Jennifer lupa akan Indonesia. Malah perempuan cantik ini tidak bisa lepas dari krupuk dan membawanya hingga ke Jerman, bahkan ia juga bisa memasak Bakmi Goreng. Jennifer pun mengaku bukan tipe orang yang sering ke club-club party untuk menghabiskan waktu.

Do you like to hangout at club?

No, I dont go often to party. I like more to hangout and talk with friends in a cafe, but sometimes i go dancing in a club

Jen, what do you think about free sex and glamorous life in model's life?

I dont like the model's life on the catwalk, because they dont eat, take drugs and that stuff (free sex)

So you dont diet?

I do sport and eat healthy food, I think it's better

What kind of sport?

I like swimming, dancing, and you know I did professional ballet